This is an amazing topic took me back to my childhood years. I had a parents  who were deeply in love with each other but some how deeply hidden conflict between them. They were doing their best to hide it but we are as children, nine of us, feeling this clearly and affecting us deeply too.

Why this loving couple was having such a conflict? This became my life long question. My life almost revolved around this question and still is. Finally, the result was to realise that everything starts with every individual self. So, oneself has to know self first to know the other.

Being seemingly happy is not happiness at all. We mature more when we are in pain some time. Happiness is to know how to balance them both and in the mean time teach this to our own children.

Concerning this issue the other important point is that we leave our growing up too late and try to grow up with our own kids then they became an experiment tools for us rather than young valuable human beings that need professional handling.

I have to stop here otherwise I am full to write a book about it.

To be sure we have to concentrate every individual, individually first. That is why I began with choosing a deity. Deity that can unite every single one, one way or the other and still keep the individuality or the deity that can divide and pull every single one on their own selfish ways and never meet each other. The book deity was the result and I am deeply hoping that it will be beneficial to humanity as a whole.


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