Unseen conscious free will can take over the seen side of the brain and the rest.

Our physical brain is just the top of the iceberg comparing what goes on in the same brain but unseen. Free will is one of them, it is an unseen fact that involves science, sociology and faith. They all need to work together in harmony  to be able to fit need of individual as well as universal values. So, how can we manage that free will of one not oppressing the free will of the others?   



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Time to cover all bones and muscles.

İs it not amassing to see all bones, muscles and skin, each working separately as well as with each other in harmony? Millions and millions things work together without failing self and others. İf they had different sources to obey how could all coordinate this harmony so perfectly. Think, how can we  we co-ordinate our voluntary actions with them to work combined, without creating any friction or anxiety between  the pre-programmed and voluntary action, to be able live healthy and happy.

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İs it possible for it to happen by chance or designed?

The power who can design, preserve and run all these deserve to be taken into consideration while choosing a deity. Do we have power over all these things. Hand moves automatically but we are the one to choose to use it for good or bad, feet walks but we are to go for good or bad. The deity, the Creator determines the base, we determine to use them according the values of a deity or deities that we choose. Who can be the best deity to know how to make them work in harmony?  

By the way,  this  also proofs that ‘Beauty is skin deep.’  :)))  

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Deity, the Creator…

Creator as the Deity arrange and preserve all the skeleton structure that we have as the other structures. They are living things within themselves and work automatically with build in knowledge without disobeying the system of its designer. İt works with other sections in harmony which all makes the whole body.

So, whose system should we have to take into consideration  while arranging our life order to keep all tuned into the same channel.  

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A beautiful poem

All over, in every aspect of life we see suffering. Who is suffering ‘human beings’ from who is suffering ‘human beings’. Don’t we all think that it is high time to do something about it. For everyone to be free, equal and just in individually and fully harmonised in unity. Every individual is aware that without the others he or she is nothing.  Therefore, disturbing other human beings means nothing but disturbing self.

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Automated and voluntary movements of a body TWO

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Automated and voluntary movements of a body ONE

Most parts of a body act upon the rules and regulations of the Creator, the only Deity. They do exactly what they are designed for. Any failure will cause  defect in the working system of the body and will if not immediately eventually they will effect each other and finally the whole body may stop working.  WHAT ABOUT THE VOLUNTARY SYSTEM? WHO WİLL KNOW THE BEST HOW TO PUT THEM İN COORDINATION BOTH TOGETHER TO WORK İN HARMONY. YOU, OTHERS OR THE CREATOR OF ALL.   

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